In an ideal world, every board member would be able to attend each of your meetings, but your members are busy people with schedules that won’t always align with your plans. When conflicts arise, you can still have 100% attendance by facilitating meetings with technology. By allowing some members to attend remotely, you can include members who can’t get away, who are traveling for work or on vacation, or who are otherwise unable to physically attend.

Some board members—particularly those who are wellknown in the community and are established businesspeople– serve on more than one board. They have full-time jobs and other responsibilities, so providing them with a way to attend your meetings ensures you get the full benefit of their involvement. A virtual meeting that allows some attendees to participate from a distance can give you the attendance you need to function and get things done.

While virtual or remote meetings may not be your ideal, they can help you move forward if you have difficulty scheduling a time for all members to attend, but you need to make decisions on key initiatives. The right technology, a sound approach to meeting management, and a commitment to engaging all members can help you make the most of virtual meetings.

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