Chamber630 Members,


My April wish for you is safety and sanity, seems like every day that becomes a bigger ‘ask.’ Please know that the staff at Chamber630 are working hard for you and your business to succeed. From adjusting a few laws to accommodate productivity to increasing ways you may showcase your business; I encourage you to please let us know what you need most from us.


Chamber630 committees, networks and referral groups are all very active using a variety of virtual connectivity. If, because you’re now at home and may have the time to join one of these groups, which otherwise was not possible, or would like to start another, please let me know. We are working to add more virtual programs and events, we welcome your ideas.


If you’re in an industry that has not been affected by this pandemic and you’d like to support your Chamber, please consider paying and/or pre-paying your Membership dues. Chamber630 is responding to this  situation in a fiscally responsible manner as always. We are working from our homes, have reduced salaries and are doing our best to keep your businesses vibrant.


I hope during this disaster you can find a gift, perhaps a talent you never realized, an appreciation for someone or some thing or a surrounding that you never noticed. There will be another side to this, it’ll be a new normal, whatever that means, I certainly don’t know.  What I do know, is that we’ll be in it together.


Be safe, be in touch and thank you for your Membership,


Laura Crawford