May 2, 2022


On behalf of the undersigned chambers of commerce and organizations from across the United States, we urge you to fund the Creating Helpful Incentives for the Production of Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Act and enhanced Facilitating American-Built Semiconductors (FABS) Act. Swift enactment of funding is critical to America’s workers and America’s long-term competitiveness.
Semiconductors are essential to nearly every sector of the economy, including aerospace, automobiles, communications, clean energy, information technology, and medical devices. Unfortunately, demand for semiconductors has outstripped supply, partly due to shifts arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created a global chip shortage and resulted in lost growth and jobs, in turn underscoring the need for increased domestic manufacturing capacity.
Approval of funding provisions would help meet this long-term challenge by incentivizing semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing in the United States. This will in turn strengthen the U.S. economy, national security, and supply chain resilience and increase the supply of chips so important to our entire economy.
We urge you to expeditiously enact this important legislation.

Laura Crawford

President & CEO

cc: Board of Directors