Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 1.37.38 PMThe Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, Chamber630, Naperville Development Partnership and the Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau are aligned in their opposition to the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau’s proposed county-wide hotel tax. We do not believe an increase to the hotel motel tax would benefit our individual communities or DuPage County; it would negatively impact local businesses; and would set a new and unwelcome precedent of funding membership organizations by imposing government taxes.

The proposed county-wide tax that the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) claims taxes “out of towners” will, in fact, place a burden on local businesses. We know that when local companies bring in conference attendees and business travelers of all stripes, they proudly rent rooms in local, DuPage County hotels. Any tax increase would be paid by local businesses as well as any private travelers.

Comparisons used by the DCVB to other destinations’ tax rates do not appropriately address the negative impact this increase will cause. When combined with state and local taxes, a county-wide tax would place many hotels in DuPage County in a non-competitive status with rates of 12% to 16%. We are fortunate to have a strong business climate in DuPage County, and businesses that have chosen to reside in Naperville, Downers Grove, and Oak Brook should have a fair expectation of good government services in exchange for the taxes they pay. They have chosen DuPage County and they should not be forced to pay more through an obligatory tax to benefit a membership-based organization.

Those included on this correspondence heartily supports the rights of a business to voluntarily participate in any membership organization, including chambers of commerce, economic development and convention and visitors bureaus. However, a mandatory DuPage County wide tax increase would not benefit all concerned. We urge those involved to oppose a DuPage County Hotel Motel Tax increase.


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