RE: Vote on Village of Downers Grove Property Tax Increase

Dear Mayor Tully and Village of Downers Grove Commissioners:

On behalf of the 700 business Members of Chamber630 and specifically those who operate their business, have vendors, or shop, in the Village of Downers Grove, I am writing to ask you to vote `NO` on the proposal for such a dramatic increase in property taxes.

This Village has long been known for its innovative and creative approaches when faced with hurdles other communities simply ‘fixed’ with a tax hike. It is a disappointment at best that such a simplistic approach carries such broad support by those now sitting in Council Chambers.

The leadership of this Village successfully positioned Downers Grove to be well-known for its superb fiscal management. Recognizing uncertainty in Springfield and its impact on the Village is obviously a concern; however, it is no reason to imitate those that led the State into its current disastrous position. This is a time when resourceful and inventive minds come together to solve problems: lower unrestricted expenses and hold the line on property taxes. Alternatives have been proposed, some are evident and obvious and I hope they will have your consideration.

Please vote NO on the proposal to increase property taxes by $893,000 in the Village of Downers Grove.



Laura Crawford

cc: Board of Directors Members of Chamber630