TO: Senator Michael Connelly

FROM: Laura Crawford, President & CEO

DATE: March 15, 2017

RE: Update the telecom law to create jobs. Vote “yes” on SB 1381

SB 1381 will create more jobs and bring more investment in high-speed internet and stronger wireless networks for Illinois.

These are the essential infrastructure networks of the 21st century. Modern communications infrastructure is critical to job creation across all sectors of the Illinois economy, including; education, health care, transportation, professional services, government, entertainment, hospitality, public safety and more.

Other states have moved ahead of Illinois for this critical infrastructure investment by adopting modern communications laws.

Illinois can catch up to our neighbors this year by adopting SB 1381. This bill will help keep Illinois competitive – and it will not cost the State one dime. It is a simple policy change that brings investment in job creating infrastructure.

On behalf of the 700 business Members of Chamber630, please take this important step for Illinois, for jobs and for our economy. Support SB 1381.

cc:Board of Directors – Chamber630