On behalf of the undersigned chambers of commerce, civic groups, trade associations, and other non-profits, we urge you to extend eligibility for the Paycheck Protection Program to all nonprofit organizations when Congress considers the next COVID-19 emergency assistance legislation.

Thousands of nonprofit organizations — including ours — were left out of the Phase 3 CARES Act and are being hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Our groups contribute to the vitality and spirit of our communities. We employ thousands of people and provide important workforce development and educational tools, economic support, and civic and cultural events.

Our organizations have suffered major financial losses due to the pandemic of the type the Paycheck Protection Program was intended to alleviate. Some non-profits have already permanently closed their doors. Many more will be forced to do so without relief from Congress.

The CARES Act made certain nonprofit organizations eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program. We urge Congress to extend this assistance to local chambers of commerce, civic groups, trade associations, and other non-profits so that organizations like ours can continue to provide important, community-minded services.


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