The Downers Grove Sanitary District invites the community to visit the Wastewater Treatment Center for the 30th annual Open House on Saturday, Oct. 5.


The Open House is a free, family-friendly event on Saturday, Oct. 5 from 9 a.m. to noon at the District’s Wastewater Treatment Center, 5003 Walnut Avenue in Downers Grove. This is a unique opportunity for residents to experience firsthand how a local wastewater treatment plant operates.


This year explore the ins and outs of the sanitary sewer system. Learn about our collection system infrastructure and how we keep it clean and flowing properly, what not to flush down drains and how our customer assistance programs can help you maintain your home’s sewer system.


Visitors can tour the plant with one of the District’s wastewater experts to learn about the different processes used to clean wastewater that comes from homes and businesses. They can also talk with biosolids experts, see live microorganisms used to clean wastewater and explore the equipment and trucks used around the treatment plant. Refreshments will also be provided.


A majority of the tour is walking outdoors and visitors should dress accordingly for outdoor weather conditions. Tours are good for scout groups looking for merit badges or students seeking extra credit. Anyone bringing a group should call the office at 630-353-3614 to schedule a tour. Individuals requesting accommodations for special needs are asked to call in advance.


For more information, contact the District office at 630-969-0664, email or visit

DG Sanitary District Open House