Del Carlo Family Dentistry, Dr. Sanai, DDS, MS



Their goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth or implants for a healthy, comfortable, functional, and beautiful smile.

Del Carlo Family Dentistry specializes in treating periodontal (gum) disease, performing cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile, and placing dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Their dentists work together to surgically place implants and restore them to your desired shade and fit, so you can have all your needs met in one office.

They understand that meeting the cost of dental care can present a challenge. Many of their patients have insurance coverage through plans such as MetLife Dental, Delta Dental of Illinois, Cigna Dental Healthcare, Guardia, Blue Cross Blue Shield and others. However, standard insurance plans often fail to cover the full cost of modern dental care.

Even though their fees are reasonable—we specifically work for our patients, not the insurance companies—payment prior to treatment is expected. They gladly offer extended payment plans to ensure that even people without insurance have access to quality dental care.

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