Learn the practices and importance of working with traditional lime mortar with Marion Restoration at the Mansion Restoration Workshop on Thursday, August 18 from 1-4 p.m. This workshop will cover the history of masonry in America and the techniques of working with lime mortar on the lawn of the Martin Mitchell Mansion at Naper Settlement. This event is included with general museum admission.

Marion Restoration is sponsoring the workshop in conjunction with their renovation & preservation activities on the Mansion’s exterior. Marion Restoration has applied craftsman & preservation techniques for repairing the building’s exterior parge cost and black pointing detail, and Naper Settlement’s Building and Grounds staff removed select carpentry off the front porch stairs which will allow Marion Restoration to begin the limestone step preservation process. After this limestone step repair, the final work will involve the southwest short chimney rebuild and should start the following week.

About Naper Settlement

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