We have come together as three restaurants within the community to work together in order to help our business and help our staff. We are trying everything and have left nothing off the table. During these times, we have loved all the support and hope you are willing to experience dining in a new way for you and your family with this card. We thank you for all the continued support and cannot wait till we are able to come together again in our restaurants.
Here is how it works:

1. Buy the card from one of the three restaurants
2. Follow the instructions of each restaurant to place your order
3. Place order and bring card to restaurant where you chose to dine
4. Repeat steps two and three till you have hit all three restaurants
5. Keep the card until the full re-opening of all restaurants for three grand prize raffle winners
Todd Davies, & Tim Canning – Owners, Foxtail
Sam and Patricia Vlahos – Owners, Pierce Tavern
Danny Glover – Owner, Skuddlebutts Pizza & Catering
(Valid Through April 31st Offer is not valid with any other offer Offer is not redeemable for cash value)