Fuzzy Logic Escape Room, founded in 2017, is based in Downers Grove, Illinois, with its storefront at the corner of Ogden and Cumnor, just east of Fairview Avenue. Fuzzy Logic has served the western suburbs of Chicago in DuPage county with its retail space as well as corporate clients nationwide with its portable escape room games. Due to the prolonged response to COVID-19, the leadership of Fuzzy Logic has embraced a new offering to pivot their business: Online Escape Room Experiences!

Unlock the fun of escape rooms from the comfort of your home

Fuzzy Logic has transformed its storefront experiences into engaging online adventures for players to enjoy, no matter where they are located! Whether it’s across the city, state, country, or globe, team members are brought together to play a collaborative game to some their puzzle-based quest before the timer runs out. In order to do this, players join Fuzzy Logic via Zoom video conference as their game master acts as the team’s eyes and hands while everyone solves the puzzles from afar. It’s the same thrilling 60-minute adventure, combined with the ease, safety, and comfort of home.

Flat fee pricing (with small-group discount)

Instead of the traditional per-person ticket pricing of $28 per entry, Fuzzy Logic is instead offering reservations for these live video conference escape rooms at a flat fee of $69.69 per game with unlimited connections during the session. For families and small groups that will join over just one or two connections, a $20 discount will be applied for even more savings! Gather as many as you like to join you, but Fuzzy Logic recommends no more than 8 people to a group, unless everyone is able to communicate well with each other and stay organized! All that is required is an internet connection, a device with Zoom installed, and a penchant for puzzle solving!

Breaking through the digital screens to forge connections as human beings

Our core value is creating memorable and impactful experiences that allow people to connect with each other in ways that other options for recreation might not readily offer. While practicing teamwork, critical thinking and communication, players are sent on an invested journey where they collectively assume the role of the hero of their story, working together under the leadership and guidance of Fuzzy Logic facilitators to achieve their goals.

And during a time of social distancing, faced with days filled with meetings, phone calls, and reading articles updating the public of the pandemic response, being able to provide a welcome break to that monotony with something fun that allows family, friends and co-workers to reconnect is so valuable and needed to remind us all that in the midst of everything going on, we can still smile, cheer, and laugh together.

Fuzzy Logic would like to thank Chamber630 for the opportunity to feature an online virtual ribbon cutting to celebrate their recent business transformation in response to economic and social lockdown.

We hope that you and your families, friends, and co-workers will try out an escape game in this new format!

If you’re unable to buy or uninterested in playing this kind of game, we hope you may consider supporting us by making a donation through our GoFundMe campaign, in which we are hopeful to meet the criteria for GoFundMe’s COVID-19 Relief Fund donation-matching grant! Every little bit helps tremendously and as of the publication of this release, the campaign has already reached 10% of its goal! https://www.gofundme.com/f/fuzzy-logic-covid19-relief-fund