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Lawrence Kamin is a business law firm that takes a personal approach to every client engagement. For nearly 90 years, our firm has provided exceptional, personalized and cost-effective service to sophisticated local, regional and national businesses, financial institutions, manufacturers and distributors, insurance companies, and wealthy individuals.

Lawrence Kamin attorneys have perfected the synergy across focus areas, resulting in a seamless, integrated practice approach and unparalleled level of service for our clients.

At Lawrence Kamin, we offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients and drive favorable results.

  • For commercial entities of all sizes, we are trusted outside business counsel – savvy business and legal advisers consulted before making business deals, real estate purchases or sales, or other important business decisions.
  • For financial institutions and individual advisers, we are experienced regulatory attorneys – a valuable resource in the complex landscape of SEC, FINRA, state securities, futures, insurance, and other regulatory environments.
  • For insurance companies and clients forced into court or arbitration, we are fierce trial advocates – exceptional litigators who will try, litigate, arbitrate, and efficiently settle cases at a reasonable cost.
  • For family business owners and wealthy individuals, we are strategic business and tax planners – astute legal advisers who devise effective tax savings and asset protection strategies that minimize costs and provide peace of mind.
  • For fiduciary parties, we are judicious legal representatives – highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys guiding corporate and individual trustees, executors and beneficiaries through complex probate, trust and estate litigation matters.

For all clients, we are a firm with uncompromising values and a systematic approach for achieving our client’s goals.


Two things permeate every stage of client representation by Lawrence Kamin:

  1. Relentless focus on the client’s objectives, and
  2. Continuous two-way client communication.

We start by listening to our client’s goals, so that we can understand how the legal matter fits into the client’s larger business strategy. We then explore options with the client, explaining costs, benefits, and potential outcomes of alternative strategies. Together, we tailor a legal strategy customized to the client’s business needs.

Our attorneys bring skill while implementing the client’s legal strategy, but are nimble when making adjustments to it. To ensure efficiency, we regularly reassess costs and potential outcomes as a matter progresses. To stay on target, we reconfirm client goals as the matter evolves. We know that this approach is key for driving favorable results and providing peace of mind for our clients.

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