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Mystery Member of the Week: October 27, 2017


AT&T Company Profile

Ticker Symbol: NYSE: T
AT&T is a Fortune 500 company.

Leadership: Randall L. Stephenson, chairman, chief executive officer and president

2016 Reported Consolidated Revenue: $163.8 Billion

At AT&T, we’re bringing it all together. We deliver advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions for people and businesses. That’s why we’re investing to be a global leader in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry.

Fast, highly secure and mobile connectivity – to everything on the internet, everywhere, at every moment and on every device – is what drives us. It’s reflected in our mission:

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Company History

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. That was the foundation of the company that would become AT&T – a brand that is now synonymous with innovation in communications.

In 1984, the former AT&T agreed to divest its local telephone operations but retain its long distance, R&D and manufacturing arms. From this, SBC Communications Inc. (first known as Southwestern Bell Corp.) was born.

Investing in Our Country

We’re committed to the development, growth and improvement of our country. We’re investing billions into the economy, providing quality jobs to over 200,000 people in the U.S. alone. We’re supporting the veterans who make our country stronger and providing disaster relief support to those who need it the most. We’ve invested more in the future of our country than any other public company.


We’re also improving lives by supporting our local communities. We want to raise high school graduation rates, and we’re preparing students for college and careers through our signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire. To date, we’ve committed $400 million to the program. And our It Can Wait campaign has inspired 19 million people to pledge that they will never text and drive.

Our history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds coming together to improve the human condition. Today, we’re a leader in diversity. Our diversity – coupled with an inclusive culture – makes us who we are. We are a great place to work, a desired business partner and a committed member of the communities we serve.

Business Solutions & International

Business is changing every day. Companies need the agility to effectively compete and win in their industries. Our solutions help companies adapt to change in near real time and meet the evolving needs of tomorrow.

More than 3 million businesses from the largest multinational corporations to small businesses turn to AT&T. We work with companies in all major industries, including financial services, manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and government.

AT&T Entertainment Group

Today, we’re the largest provider of pay TV in the United States and one of the largest in the world. In the United States, we combine our broad video footprint with our nationwide mobility service and high-speed internet available to more than 60 million locations. So we’re able to deliver solutions that are more integrated than ever.

We offer viewers access to their favorite content — whether it’s primetime, daytime or game time — virtually wherever and whenever they want it.

AT&T Mobility

We provide nationwide wireless service to consumer, wholesale and business subscribers located throughout the United States and in U.S. territories. More than 136 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. are taking advantage of our unique mobile products and services.

We connect millions of devices including smartphones, connected cars and asset management devices, to name a few. And we mobilize people’s lives, from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night.

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