Chicago-based Lawrence Kamin Saunders & Uhlenhop LLC, has been providing legal counsel to business clients—from financial institutions and the Fortune 500 to small- to mid-sized closely held businesses—since working on the first securities cases after the 1929 stock market crash. We handle most general business legal issues, but have special expertise in the financial services industry, litigation and corporate and transactional business.


Our clients benefit from experienced counsel by hands-on attorneys who are often considered experts in their respective specialties. Some have worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Stock Exchange; others are Certified Public Accountants; still others are successful accredited mediators and arbitrators; many are accomplished authors and teachers; and all are dedicated counselors who work together to solve clients’ most intricate legal and business issues.


We work closely with client employees to maximize internal resources and reduce the impact of legal matters on day-to-day business operations. We open our doors and resources to outside members of our clients’ legal team when needed. Unlike today’s “mega firms”, we’re not restricted to using a potentially inexperienced attorney in another part of the country just because he happens to work for the firm. Our relationships with a nationwide network of firms and attorneys give our clients peace of mind that the right team of lawyers is working for them based on expertise, not location.


Long-term client relationships are the foundation of our practice. We are often asked to act as a client’s outside general counsel, overseeing all of the organization’s legal work, supervising local counsel and trying cases across the country. Strong client relationships give us a greater understanding of our client’s business and industry, allowing us to be proactive with our counsel and to provide information that helps avoid potential pitfalls. And it’s our industry relationships that keep us abreast of the latest legal, financial services and business rulings and regulations that impact our clients’ operations.


Each piece comes together to form our practice of solution-based, client-oriented legal and business advisors. By building decades-long client and industry relationships, by understanding our clients’ industry and long-term goals, and by leveraging experience from within and outside of the firm, we are able to provide more than just legal advice to our clients. We become true advocates, able to recommend practices and strategies to meet our clients’ overall business objectives.


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