This Week in Springfield


The Illinois General Assembly was not in this week but the Senate will return to town on Sunday afternoon to take up a motion on SB 1, the education funding reform bill.  It is our understanding that the Senate will have the 36 necessary votes  to override the Governor’s amendatory veto on the bill.  We’re hearing that the Senate will likely override the governor on Sunday, send the bill to the House and then adjourn.


However, as noted before, the climb in the House appears to be much greater.  The speculation has been that there are not sufficient votes in the House to either override or accept the Governor’s veto.  The House is scheduled to be in on Wednesday, August 16 to take up action on SB 1 (same day as Governor’s Day at the State Fair).  


If the General Assembly neither overrides nor accepts the Governor’s amendatory veto, SB 1 is dead.  If that occurs, the state will lack the authority to provide funding to local school districts absent new legislation which will also be required to pass each chamber by a 3/5 majority and be signed into law by the Governor.


The Chamber has also received word that the EDGE credit revision legislation, HB 162, will be called Sunday for a vote in the Senate on Sunday.   As you may recall, this bipartisan piece of legislation is currently on third and final reading.  The bill as is contains several provisions of the Chamber’s own Business and Employment Development Tax credit (HB 2744).  The bill passed the House with bipartisan support.  The Chamber supports HB 162. 



This week Gov. Rauner signed into law a Chamber-backed bill that will streamline state spending and save taxpayers money.   SB 8, which was supported by the Chamber, will save taxpayers money and will make it easier for the private sector to do business with the State.


SB 8 ensures the state’s procurement opportunities are handled through a sensible, fair, and transparent process. The Chamber supported the measure and was instrumental for instituting both the best value procurement program and the cooperative purchasing agreements into the bill.  


This reform is an important reminder that government can work smarter and more efficiently while still protecting taxpayer interests.  Thousands of Illinois businesses will view this reform as a step forward for Illinois.  The bill passed with bipartisan support.  




This week another state legislator announced their intentions to not run for re-election.  State Representative Mike Fortner (R – West Chicago) will end his 12-year career in the House at the conclusion of his current term in January 2019.  


Adding to the list of House Republicans not seeking re-election include Patti Bellock, Bob Pritchard (not seeking re-election), Bill Mitchell (not seeking re-election), Chad Hays (not seeking re-election), and Barb Wheeler (not seeking re-election).  Senate Republicans include Christine Radogno (resigned), Tim Bivins (not seeking re-election) and Kyle McCarter (self imposed term limits).  House Democrats include Emily McAsey (resigned), Scott Drury (running for Governor), Cynthia Soto (running for another office), Laura Fine (running for state Senate), and Elaine Nektriz (not seeking re-election).  And lastly, Daniel Biss will be leaving the Senate Democrats to run for governor.   



It’s time again to start thinking about your foursome for the Illinois Chamber’s annual golf outing at the Rail Golf Course in Springfield!  As always, your attendance includes food, beverages, raffle prizes and SWAG (stuff we all get!).

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